Computer Numerical Cutting Lab

Laser and router cut works.

Lasercut, CNC Router, and casting mould projects by students.

The Computer Numerical Cutting Lab (CNC) provides students, faculty, and staff with laser cutting, engraving, and 3D routering on specific substrates. All services are primarily intended for course assignments, studio work, and exhibition requirements of the Department of Art and UB community.

Location & Contact

  • Rm:     B24 Center for the Arts in Sculpture
  • Em:
  • Ph       716-645-0550

Outline of CNC Policies

  • CNC Job Form: complete and submit with job file
    • Hard copies of the form are in B24
    • Price is 50¢ a minute
    • Except for one and two ply chipboard - client supplies media
  • Files should be ready to cut
    • DWG files preferred
    • Nest small images inside a 18”x32” yellow box
  • Submit File and Job Form – first come - first served
    • file transfer service link
    • flash drive & job form in person B16 or B24
    • CNC Lab UB Marketplace payment portal: link for web payment of CNC Jobs
      • UB ePay accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
    • A 50% deposit in advance is required for jobs over $100
    • Jobs are released with commitment of payment
    • Bed size 18″x32″, max sheet size: 17.75″ x 31.75″, printable area 17.5″x31.5″
    • RED for cut lines, BLUE for etch lines, BLACK/WHITE for guidelines – no cut or etch

Hours by Appointment


Chris Siano
Ph: 716-645-0550    Em:    Rm: B16CFA