MA: Latin Concentration

Patent of Roman citizenship granted to Hasekura Tsunenaga, 20 November 1615 (public domain).

Patent of Roman citizenship granted to Hasekura Tsunenaga, Nov. 20, 1615 

The MA in Classics: Latin concentrates on Latin language and Roman culture, and is ideal for students who wish to teach Latin at the secondary school level. When combined with the Teaching Certification through the Graduate School of Education’s Languages Other Than English program (33 credits), students who complete this degree are professionally certified to teach Latin in New York State.

Please note: To apply for the Latin focus, students must hold a BA in Classics or Latin with at least two years of college-level Latin.

Degree Requirements

In order to earn the MA degree, Latin focus, students must complete 30 credit hours of course work, including:

  • Two required core courses (CL 538: History of Latin Literature and CL 595: Latin Syntax and Stylistics)
  • Two Latin graduate seminars
  • One graduate-level class in Roman History
  • One graduate-level class in the culture or history of Greece.
  • Complete a major project or exam