BA in Classics

Classics major Ashley Cohen.

Classics major Ashley Cohen with her award-winning poster at the 2018 Celebration of Academic Excellence

Undergraduate majors discover the legacy of the Greek and Roman world and its historical importance in our own culture by:

  • Gaining knowledge of the fundamental elements of classics through study of the languages, Greek and Roman history, art, archaeology and culture/
  • Developing their ability to read and analyze texts closely, whether in translation or in the original language.
  • Demonstrating this ability through expertise in writing papers and drawing on research tools, such as texts, documents, physical remains, scholarly articles and books, theoretical approaches and digital tools,
  • Taking advantage of supplemental classroom learning with experience abroad, whether as part of an archaeological expedition or study abroad program.
Undergraduate students visit the Roman Forum.

Touring the Roman Forum

Degree Requirements

The BA in Classics degree requires a minimum of 33 credit hours of coursework.

Classical Languages and Literature Major

Classical Civilization Major

Greek and Roman Culture Major

Acceptance Criteria

Students wishing to pursue an undergraduate major must complete all General Education Requirements with a minimum 2.0 GPA.  

Student Testimonials

"What I like best about the Department of Classics is that it is small so you really get a chance to connect with professors and other students, forming relationships and connections that are difficult to make in a larger department."
– Ashley Cohen, BA '18