Minor in Classics

Arch of Constantine.

The field of classics consists of the study of the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome, including their languages and literature, history and archaeology. A minor in classics is an excellent complement to any major and provides a solid foundation for students interested in the development of Western Civilization.

Degree Requirements

The Minor in Classics requires 18 credit hours of coursework and may be completed in any one of the following five concentrations:

Acceptance Criteria

Students wishing to pursue a Minor in Classics must complete all General Education Requirements with a minimum 2.0 GPA. Only courses at the 200-level or above may be used to satisfy requirements.

Student Testimonials

"I am forever grateful to the University at Buffalo's Department of Classics for its amazing professors, for the close-knit community it provided, and for the opportunities my degree has given me."
– Gabriel Malone, BA '06