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Graduate Students

We recently asked our new PhD students a few questions to get to know them better.

1.    “What drew you to UB?”

Michael Burich: “Well, I grew up just a few miles from the North Campus and have spent just about my entire life in Buffalo. And I was drawn by UB's international standing. The prospect of meeting people from all over the world really appealed to me. When you combine that with me not having to leave behind my home, UB represented the ideal choice for me.”

Hrishita Ghosh: “Before applying to the State University of New York at Buffalo, I was doing research on few universities in order to find out where to apply to pursue a PhD in Economics in US. I found that the University at Buffalo is a highly research-intensive institution. I also found that it is ranked as one of the best US universities. Another important thing I found is that it has a good acceptance rate for the international students, many scholarship opportunities, and a diverse culture. All these things combined drew my attention to UB.”

Yu Huang: “I was a student here at UB. After taking our EQE program, I find economics even more interesting and we have really amazing professors here. Plus, Buffalo is kind of like my second home, I am quite getting used to my life here, so I finally chose to stay.”

Sabarna Mukherjee: “Starting my graduate career at UB was a dream and it finally came true after I was enrolled into the Economics PhD program. The force which drove me to become a part of the UB Community was first and foremost the alignment of my research interests with the faculty in the department. I was really pleased to see the type of groundbreaking thoughts they are delivering into the domain of the discipline. Their research areas are quite interesting, multi-dimensional, not only confined to the world of theoretical knowledge but they are quite consistent with the empirical analysis they carry out. I personally think that this is a very good and robust approach to any research objective. This has led to valuable contributions by many faculty who have worked at the department and who are still working presently. The progress is immeasurable and unquantifiable. I feel honored to be a member of the UB Community and pledge to work as much as possible to carry forward the tradition.”

Donghyun Seo: “Plenty of research opportunities under the guidance of exceptional professors.”

Yiyuan Wang: “1. UB is a world-renowned university, which is an ideal goal for me to further my study. 2. Buffalo provides a quiet and peaceful learning environment.”

Wenhan Yang: “UB is a fantastic university which provides a vibrant, diverse and inclusive environment. As long as we want to explore, there are always resources and opportunities to take advantage of.”


2.    “What led you to becoming interested in the field of Economics? Is there a specific sub-field you find particularly thought-provoking?”

Michael Burich: “Economics is interesting to me because I see it as the intersection of a number of fields - math, politics, history, even involving seemingly unrelated fields such as biology or anthropology, at times. I like the idea that economics is, in a way, to apply scientific methods to trying to understand different human behaviors.

I really enjoy macroeconomics - studying behavior with a broader perspective, looking at government policies, seeing how countries interact with one another and the effects of those interactions. Being from the United States, a focus on US economics has obvious relevance to me, but I have a particular interest in Latin America, especially Brazil. I took a great class on the history of colonial Latin America and that combined with my previous experience working in foreign exchange with LATAM banks helped foster a desire to learn more about the region.”

Hrishita Ghosh: “I find Economics interesting due to various reasons. Ever since I had completed my Masters in Economics, I always wanted to understand the implications of various Government policies on the various sectors of the society in India (as I belong to India). Another important aspect which I find interesting is [asking] how can the living conditions of poor be improved and whether corruption can be completely eradicated from a society or what amount of corruption is feasible. All these queries can be well explained by various economic theories. These are few things which interest me in the field of Economics.

I truly feel Development Economics, Labour Economics, and Econometrics are thought-provoking in Economics.”

Yu Huang: “My potential research field is applied microeconomics, mainly focusing on labor economics and economics of education.”

Sabarna Mukherjee: “My entry and interest into the field of Economics was to search for the answer to the question of why people are poor. Are people poor because they are poor or is it related somewhat to inefficiency in the market structure which will exist in most cases in our real lives and that's why we have the distinction between poor and rich? Is it due to the way the society's resources are allocated? Is it something that we don't have information about i.e. lack of information and information asymmetry? So this array of questions really provoked and compelled me to study further the discipline of Economics. To search for answers to the sequence of questions, I decided getting into Research was the optimal choice for me. Research only gives us the opportunity to search for the unknown and to know more. I am especially interested in the field of Economics of Information.”

Donghyun Seo: “[My preferred sub-fields are] Applied Microeconomics, Empirical Industrial Organization.”

Yiyuan Wang: “Since my major as a postgraduate student was Finance, I am interested in global financial crisis in 2008; [I] want to know the reason of the crisis and the business cycle. In addition, I am also interested in asset pricing and all of these issues are belonging to economics. Thus, I want to take a further study on the relevant topic and still [be] interested in economics.”

Wenhan Yang: “I found my interest in Economics from the research, classes and internship during previous study. Exploring mathematical methods and economic theories to find the rules behind economic phenomenon is attracting. I am interested in financial economics which I feel thought-provoking. I majored in finance during undergraduate and interned at a corporation which left [many] unknowns, inspiring me to research further.”


3.    “Where do you hope to see your academic experience take you in the future?”

Michael Burich: “This is a tough question because it's always tough to know where our paths might take us. But, in general, I am here to be challenged and to grow. I'd hope to help make the world a better place through my career, although I'm not exactly sure how. And I'm looking for fulfilling careers opportunities”

Hrishita Ghosh: “I hope that in future I am able to contribute my knowledge in Economics to formulate effective policies for the Government so that all sections of society become benefitted. I would also love to share my knowledge in Economics with the future generations in the form of teaching. I hope to become an efficient Economist with my academic experience in the near future.”

Yu Huang: “Being a professor is my dream, so it is always on the top of my career goals.”

Sabarna Mukherjee: “I hope to carry on Research in future and stay in Academia and take Teaching as a profession in the future. I hope my academic experience will benefit me in carrying out my Research work in the near future. Also, it will help me a lot in gaining experience of what it is all about to stay in the field of Academia.”

Donghyun Seo: “Korea Energy Economics Institute(Republic of Korea), Economic Development Board (Singapore), and so on.”

Yiyuan Wang: “I want to be a professor in university to achieve my dream. I would love to be accepted in a university with good academic environment after I finish [this] academic experience.”

Wenhan Yang: “I hope to go to a university in the future to continue academic research; for the more I learn, the more I need and want to learn. There are infinite possibilities to realize. And I also hope that my academic experience will give me ability to return something beneficial back to society.”

4.    “Prior to beginning your time at UB, had you known much about Buffalo? For those of not yet on campus, what is something you look forward to doing when you’re here locally? For our students already here, have you had any ‘classic Buffalo’ experiences yet (e.g.: Eating Buffalo wings, checking out the Olmstead park system, visiting Niagara Falls, etc.)?”

Michael Burich: “Obviously quite a bit! This is my home, and although at times I take it for granted, it is a wonderful place to live. There is great food, beautiful weather in the summer and fall, and lots of things to do - Toronto is just an hour away. There is an incredibly diverse community here as well - people from Italy to China to Moldova have settled here.”

Hrishita Ghosh: “I have never travelled to US before and I am yet to be on campus. From a few of my seniors, I have heard that Buffalo is a very peaceful place and a place where international people are very welcome. I have also heard that the summers are very pleasant in Buffalo, though it’s very cold during winters. I am really excited to visit Buffalo and enjoy the delicacies at the various restaurants there.

One thing I am really looking forward to doing at Buffalo is enjoying the beauty of Niagra Falls at dawn if possible, as I have seen such a picture of the Falls on the internet and am overwhelmed.”

Yu Huang: “Before coming to UB, I only knew about Niagara Falls. Two years later, I've visited several places like the state parks and Niagara Falls. I've been enjoying having Buffalo wings with my friends when we're watching football games or the US open. Now that we have the Blue Jays in downtown Buffalo, I guess when it is available, I'll definitely go for a game-watch.”

Sabarna Mukherjee: “I knew about the famous and popular destination Niagara Falls. I look forward to exploring new adventurous destinations which are rich in culture and heritage at and around Buffalo once I arrive in Buffalo. I look forward to having a wonderful and memorable experience in the city of Buffalo throughout my graduate career.”

Donghyun Seo: “I heard that the heavy snow continues all winter.”

Yiyuan Wang: “Buffalo is a port city on the eastern shore of Lake Erie in western New York State and is the second largest city in New York State. As a northerner, I love the long winter there. Although I haven't been there now because of the policy, I would love to try the Buffalo wings in the future.”

Wenhan Yang: “It is a pity that I am not here locally because of the epidemic. I am looking forward to meeting with my classmates and friends in person when I arrive at UB. Besides, it is known that there are many famous interesting places and delicious food such as Niagara Falls, Buffalo wings, etc. I cannot wait to experience them. Besides, Buffalo is close to New York and Canada, and it is only a 30-minute drive to the most famous Niagara Falls. The traffic is convenient. We will never lack a beautiful reason to go out and about.”


Meet all our current Phd students.

Undergraduate Students

Meet our Economics major students and the department's current College Ambassador. College Ambassadors are outstanding students nominated by their department to represent the department at campus and community events. 

Peter Balogh.

Peter Balogh

Peter Balogh

I am currently a senior here at the University at Buffalo studying to get my Masters in Economics with a Minor in Media Studies. I was born in Hungary and I am the first person in my family to attend college. I hope to become a beacon for incoming UB students as a College Ambassador, and a friend to all! I know it can be difficult navigating through this part of life alone or being the first in the family, and I would like to pass on the kindness and welcoming that I received.

Michael De La Rosa.

Michael De La Rosa

Michael De La Rosa

Greetings! My name is Michael De La Rosa and I am a double major in economics and math. I have been truly blessed to be a part of the economics program at the University at Buffalo because not only have I learned so many things that I will use in life, but I have met professors that have mentored me. Thanks to Professors like Dr. McLaughlin, I dream of becoming an econometrician. That is why I love the economics department here, because the faculty encourage and help students to accomplish amazing and difficult things.

Joe Mason.

Joe Mason

Joe Mason

Hello! My name is Joe Mason, and I am a double major in both economics and political science. Something to know about me is that I love a variety of different music, while I mainly listen to hip hop! The economics program at UB has shown me that even at a school as large as this one, there are still departments that care about their students success and well-being. Many of the professors have significant research experience, which provides for an exciting and rigorous learning environment. My duty as ambassador is to make sure that incoming students feel welcome and comfortable with their decision to major in economics. Regardless if you are an incoming student or graduating this academic year, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have!

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The Department of Economics has a long-standing commitment to diversity. We welcome students from near and far, and believe that our programs are strengthened by a wide variety of experiences, cultures and educational goals. 

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