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2018/2019 Incoming Economics Phd Student Cohort.

Back row, left to right:Hang Yang, Ali Kaya, Meejas Shrestha

Middle row, left to right: Liqiang Liu, Yuchong Han, Hyuk Dong Kwon, Daniel Plessner, Evan Harof

Front Row, left to right: Han Zheng, Yushang (Helen) Wei, Keqin Zhong, Divya Sagar, Ria Chakrabarti, Reem El Cheikh Taha

Graduate Students

We recently asked our new PhD students a few questions to get to know them better.

What it is that drew you to UB and what excites you about being in our PhD program?

I have always been inclined towards research, so pursuing PhD in Economics was an easy and automatic choice for me after my Masters. The fact that the renowned faculty and proficient students at UB are focusing on research related to real world economic challenges such as Global Health Equity, really encouraged me to be part of UB. UB’s beautiful campus and its large international student community are bonuses to its pioneering research work.- Ria Chakrabarti

I am impressed by the strong quantitative side of the department, especially in applied microeconomics. Also, I am excited to learn more deeply about economics from Professors who really know what they are doing and how to teach the topics easily. - Ali Kaya

I’m at UB because of giving me opportunity of pursuing Phd degree. Studying diverse economics such as health economics and urban economics makes me exciting. - Hyuk Dong Kwon

Honestly, my girlfriend encouraged me to receive education in America with her at the beginning and she believed that I am the intelligent person who is able to reach a high level in economic field. I trusted her and therefore I applied for this distinguished PhD program. It will be, in my view, a big challenge for me to study outside with an unfamiliar language and to absorb the advanced knowledge, but I am still believing in myself as I always do and I will make efforts to get the Doctoral Degree and to be an economist. - Liqiang Liu

I was drawn to the economics PhD program at UB for the great educational opportunity to become a professional economist and eventually conduct my own research. - Daniel Plessner

UB is a melting pot of cultures where there are people from all over the world which would make learning all the more fun and help me grow more as a person. Being in UB's Department of Economics PhD program is an excellent opportunity for me to deepen my knowledge and understanding of economics as I would be guided by dedicated and inspiring professors of the department. - Divya Sagar

UB has outstanding faculty and rich academic resources. I love the books in the library and I really enjoy studying with the smart and hard-working students. Besides, the department faculty always do their best to create a supportive atmosphere for PhD students. - Han Zhang

What are some local points of interest that you’ve heard about?

I am sure that the interesting tourist attractions in Buffalo like the Botanical gardens, Delaware Park, Canal side, Buffalo Zoo, Erie lake beach and of course the globally famous Niagara Falls will make my stay in the city very pleasant.- Ria Chakrabarti

I like Spot Coffee, Bocce Pizza, Lake Effect Ice-Cream, Hot Spot (they have very good hoagie). I also like Buffalo when we smoothly go from summer to winter, when leaves get yellow and the weather gets a little bit chilly. - Ali Kaya

I think Anchor bar as my interesting local point. This is because Anchor bar is the origin of buffalo wing, which is famous. - Hyuk Dong Kwon

I heard about the famous buffalo chicken wings at the two competing restaurants Anchor Bar and Duff's. I tried the wings at both restaurants and each were satisfactory. - Daniel Plessner

I have heard about Niagara Falls, Canalside, Delaware Park, Tim Horton's and Food Truck Tuesdays at Larkin Square that I would love to visit. - Divya Sagar

Buffalo wing is a local food that you cannot miss. I hope to eat Buffalo wings and drink a cup of beer in a local restaurant with my friends. I am certain I will have a whale of time. - Han Zhang

What parts of the region would you wish to explore or learn more about?

I look forward to explore the rich culture of the city, its art galleries, museums, theatres and definitely the famous chicken wings, thus making Buffalo my second home!- Ria Chakrabarti

I like to drive for pleasure and I really like to drive along the Campbell Blvd till I reach Lake Ontario. I also like to go Olcott Beach where I enjoy a very sweet sightseeing. I also find interesting Lockport, North Clarence and East Aurora (where you can visit Knox Farm which is a very good place to have a rest). - Ali Kaya

It is first time for me to live in foreign country. So, everything here is fresh. Particularly, I wish to learn about culture and lifestyle such as the care of children and spending time with family members. - Hyuk Dong Kwon

I would like to explore more of the Niagara border region including Niagara Falls. - Daniel Plessner

I wish to explore the botanical gardens in Buffalo as I love flowers a lot and it would be such an eye candy to see so many beautiful flowers at once. I would also like to catch up with some live plays a couple of times at Shea's Performing Arts Center.  - Divya Sagar

I wish to visit the Niagara Falls with my friends. It is a pity that I missed the fall tour guided by school. I wish to see the spectacular waterfalls if I have fall breaks. - Han Zhang

Meet all our current Phd students.

Undergraduate Students

Meet Nicholas Bush, an Economics major and the department's current College Ambassador. College Ambassadors are outstanding students nominated by their department to represent the department at campus and community events. 

Nicholas Bush.

Campus/Community Involvement: Model European Union

What advice do you have for future UB students?  
My time here at UB has exposed me to a lot of new experiences, perspectives and opportunities. I think the best thing any freshman uncertain about their future could do is commit to their passion and find the best outlet for it. You'll work exponentially harder because you know you're doing it for yourself, and you'll be way happier doing it.

Fun Fact: I can draw a perfect circle free hand.

Our Students Cover the Globe!

The Department of Economics has a long-standing commitment to diversity. We welcome students from near and far, and believe that our programs are strengthened by a wide variety of experiences, cultures and educational goals. 

Map of Economics students home cities.