Faculty Spotlight - James Holmes

Professor Jim Holmes is a macroeconomist with specialties in monetary theory and applied econometrics.  He received his PhD from the University of Chicago.  You can find him teaching Money and Banking (ECO 205), Current Economic Problems (ECO 212), and Special Topics in Economics (ECO 408)!

Dr James Holmes.

Dr James Holmes

Why did you choose economics?  Why did you choose your subfield?

JH: It was easy. It was interesting.

What research are you working on right now?

JH: Do corporations cause economic growth?  Do the employment effects of the minimum wage depend upon the state of the business cycle?

What was your favorite paper to write, and why?

JH: None of them. I cannot write well.

Fast Facts.

Fast Facts

What is your favorite class to teach, and why?

JH: Debate; E212 or E408.  They are fun and I learn from them.

What was your favorite class as an undergrad?

JH: English literature.

What is your top piece of advice for your students?

JH: Work hard and have fun.