Susan Clark


Susan Clark.

Susan Clark


Susan Clark


Assistant Professor
Director of Sustainability Leadership Masters Program

Research Interests

Dr. Clark's expertise and experience span the topics of sustainability education, climate change policy, sustainable development and resilient infrastructure systems. Clark’s current research focuses on quantifying the social burden of power outages due to natural disasters and extreme events.


Susan Spierre Clark, PhD, is the director of the Sustainable Urban Environments Initiative for the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). In this position, Clark collaborates with faculty and sustainability professionals across the university to develop an integrative and multi-disciplinary approach to guide the College’s sustainability efforts. This includes developing and integrating sustainability education across CAS, facilitating and supporting multi-disciplinary and collaborative research efforts, community outreach and stakeholder engagement, as well as planning sustainability related activities and events for faculty, students, and the public.


•    PhD, Sustainability, Arizona State University, 2013
•    MS, Earth System Science, University of New Hampshire, 2008
•    BS, Atmospheric Science, University at Albany, 2006

Selected Publications

Clark, S. S., Chester, M. V., Seager, T. P., & Eisenberg, D. A. (2019). The vulnerability of interdependent urban infrastructure systems to climate change: could Phoenix experience a Katrina of extreme heat? Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure, 4(1), 21-35.

Marchese, D., Reynolds, E., Bates, M. E., Morgan, H., Clark, S. S., & Linkov, I. (2018). Resilience and sustainability: Similarities and differences in environmental management applications. Science of the total environment, 613, 1275-1283.

Clark, S.S., Seager, T.P. & Chester, M.V. (2018). A capabilities approach to the prioritization of critical infrastructure. Environment Systems & Decisions, 38: 339.

Sadowski, J., Spierre, S. G., Selinger, E., Seager, T. P., Adams, E. A., & Berardy, A. (2015). Intergroup cooperation in common pool resource dilemmas. Science and engineering ethics, 21(5), 1197-1215.

Spierre, S. G., Seager, T. P., & Selinger, E. (2013). The diminishing returns to the 2010 human Development Index: Implications for climate policy and sustainable development.