Holly Buck


Holly Buck.

Holly Buck


Holly Buck


Research Areas

Climate change, global environmental governance, environmental policy, science and technology studies, public participation in emerging technologies


PhD Development Sociology, Cornell University, 2017

MSc Human Ecology, Lund University, 2011

Recent Publications


Buck, Holly Jean. After geoengineering: Climate tragedy, repair, and restoration. Verso Books, 2019.

Sapinski, J.P., Buck, Holly Jean, Malm, Andreas, eds. Has it come to this? The promise and peril of geoengineering on the brink [edited collection]. Rutgers University Press, In Press [2020].

Articles and book chapters

Buck, Holly Jean, Laura Jane Martin, Oliver Geden, Peter Kareiva, Liz Koslov, Will Krantz, Ben Kravitz, John Noël, Edward A. Parson, Christopher J. Preston, Daniel L. Sanchez, Lynn Scarlett, Shuchi Talati. Evaluating the efficacy and equity of environmental stopgap measures. Nature Sustainability, 2020.

Buck, Holly Jean.  Understanding inaction in confronting ecosystem collapse: community perspectives from California’s Salton Sea. Ecology and Society 25 (1), 2020.

Low, Sean; Buck, Holly Jean. The Practice of Responsible Research and Innovation in Climate Engineering. WIREs Climate Change, 2020.

Buck, Holly Jean. “Climate engineering doesn’t stop ocean acidification”: addressing harms to ocean life in geoengineering imaginaries. In Blue Legalities: The Law and Life of the Sea, eds. Irus Braverman & Elizabeth Johnson, Duke University Press, 2020.

Buck, Holly Jean. The politics of negative emissions and decarbonization in rural communities. Global Sustainability, 2018.

Buck, Holly Jean. Perspectives on solar geoengineering from Finnish Lapland: Local insights on the global imaginary of Arctic geoengineering. Geoforum 91: 78-86, 2018.

Horton, Joshua; Reynolds, Jesse; Buck, Holly Jean; Callies, Daniel; Schafer, Stefan; Keith, David; Rayner, Steve. Solar Geoengineering and Democracy. Global Environmental Politics, 2018.

Svoboda, Toby; Buck, Holly Jean; Suarez, Pablo. Strengthening duties, rights, and participation: lessons from climate migration governance. In Climate Engineering and Human Rights Forum, Environmental Politics, 2018.

Buck, Holly Jean. Rapid scale-up of negative emissions technologies: social barriers and social implications. Climatic Change, 139(2): 155-167, 2016.

Buck, Holly Jean. On the possibilities of a charming Anthropocene. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 105(2): 369-377, 2015.

Buck, Holly Jean; Gammon, Andrea; Preston, Christopher. Gender and Geoengineering. Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy, 29: 651–669, 2014.

Buck, Holly Jean. Climate engineering: re-making climate for profit, or humanitarian intervention? Development and Change, 43(1): 253-270, 2012.