Helju Aulik Bennett


Helju Aulik Bennett



Modern Europe


  • PhD, University of California - Berkeley, 1971

Research Interests

Kievan, Imperial Russian, Soviet Politics, Ground rules and Institutions. Comparing Russian and Western Political Cultures. Russian Institutions Designed To ‘Keep People From Leaving. Ways and Means Autocrats Used in Granting Permission To Leave; Meanings of Russian Political Language. Russian Leaders and officials.

Affiliations and Other Notes

Member of AAASS; Western NY Group of Historians; Mid-Atlantic Slavic Conference. Worked With Emily Tall, Russian Language, and Students of Jewish Culture; Dr.Fred Fleron, Political Science. Expert in Soviet Politics. Intermittent Attendance At Univ of Illinois Summer Labs; and Munk Center; Russian and East European Center Symposia and Programs.

Selected Publications

  • “Russian System of Ranks and Orders” in Reinterpreting Russian History: Readings 890-1860. Ed. Daniel H. Kaiser and Gary Marker. Oxford Univ. Press, 1994;
  • “Chivalric Orders, Chiny, and Officialdom” in Russian Officialdom: The Bureaucratization of Russian Society, The Seventeenth To The Twentieth Century. Ed. By Walter Pintner and Don K. Rowney. University of North Carolina Press, 1981
  • “Evolution of Meanings of Chin: An Introduction To The Russian Institution of Rank Ordering and Niche Assignment” California Slavic Studies Vol.X, University of Calif. Press, 1977;

Honors and Awards

  • Research Fellow; Western Societies Program, Institute For European Studies, Cornell University, 1997;
  • Visiting Research Professor At Hoover Institution For War Revolution and Peace. Summer 1990;
  • National Endowment For Humanities Grant For College Teachers, Summer, 1986;
  • American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship,1975-76; Phi Beta Kappa.