Suleyman Demirci


Suleyman Demirci.

Suleyman Demirci


Suleyman Demirci


Visiting Assistant Professor

Research Topics

Early Modern Ottoman History (1300-1800); Demography & History; Population Censuses; Middle East & Ottoman Record Keeping and Archival Records; Social & Economic History; Inter-communal relations in the Ottoman Empire; Changes in Turkish society and culture; political, Intellectual and Islamic movements in Modern Turkey


  • Ph.D. in Early Modern Ottoman & Middle Eastern History, Durham University, Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Durham-England, 1997-2001
  • M.A. in Early Modern Ottoman & Middle Eastern History, The University of Manchester, Department of Middle Eastern Studies, Manchester-England, 1996-1997
  • Graduate study in Turkish History. Institute of Social Sciences, Erciyes University, Turkey, 1994-1995
  • BA in Turkish History, Erciyes University, Turkey, 1990-1994

Current Research

I did my PhD on the functioning of Ottoman extraordinary taxation. This study is a pioneering study of Ottoman avâriz taxation in c. 1620s-1700. It is a case study based primarily on previously little used registers and documents from the Ottoman archives, in Istanbul. I examined the practice of avâriz, or extraordinary, taxation and tax related complaints in the central Anatolian province of Karaman. This study on relations between the capital and the provinces fits into the greater debate over whether the the Ottoman empire experienced a long period of decline culminating in its collapse at the end of World War I.

The seventeenth century, the focus of my study, is therefore a good starting point, more so since several important events – from the Celâli revolts to the second siege of Vienna – occurred in this period.

My recent studies have focused on social and economic aspects of the Ottoman empire from the 16th to the end of 19th centuries as well as the political history and the rise of nationalism in the Ottoman empire. 

I published a significant number of articles and co-authored several books in both Turkish and English.  I have studied, taught, and published extensively on the history of the Ottoman Empire.

Teaching Experience

Erciyes University-Turkey, Full Professor of Early Modern Ottoman & Turkish History, 2013-2016

Erciyes University-Turkey, Associate Professor of Ottoman & Turkish History, 2007-2013

University of Houston Visiting Faculty, Lecturer in Ottoman Middle East & Turkish History 2009-2010

Erciyes University-Turkey, Assistant Professor of Ottoman Turkish History, 2002-2007



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