Dalia Antonia Muller CV

University Address:
106 Capen Hall
Honors College
Buffalo, NY 14360-4130
(716) 645-3020

Home Address:
50 Claremont Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14222
(646) 469-0656


B.A. (Honors), History, Yale University, June 1999.
M.A., History, University of California, Berkeley, May 2002.
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, June 2007.

Academic Appointments

Loyola Marymount University
Assistant Professor of History, Loyola Marymount University, 2007-2009.

University at Buffalo
Assistant Professor of History, University at Buffalo, 2009- 2017.
Associate Professor of History, University at Buffalo, 2017- present.

Administrative Appointments

University at Buffalo
Associate Director, Caribbean and Latin/o American Studies Program, University at Buffalo 2009-2016.
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education, University at Buffalo, 2017-2020.
Director, University Honors College, University at Buffalo, 2017-2020.


Cuban Émigrés and Independence in the Nineteenth-Century Gulf World (UNC press (Envisioning Cuba), 2017).

Reviews of the book
Romy Sánchez, “Les iles en mirror. Les circulations révolutionnaires du long XIXe siècle depuis la Grande
Caraibe”, Revue d’histoire du 19e siècle, n 58, 2019/1.

Kathleen López, Neiuwe West Indische Gids, 2019, vol 93 (1/2).

Jesse Hoffnung-Garskoff, The American Historical Review, 04/18, v.123, issue 2.

Gerald E. Poyo, Hispanic American Historical Review, 08/18, v. 98, Issue 3.

Michael J. Bustamante, Social History, 2018, Vol. 43, issue 1.

Frederick Luciani, Colonial Latin American Review, 10.17, v. 26, issue 4.

Blog Posts
“Our America? Whose América?: What We Have to Learn from Nineteenth-Century Inter-American transnational Solidarities” UNC Press Blog (May 2018).

“Cuban Émigrés and Independence in the Nineteenth-Century Gulf World, Interview with the author, New Books Network, June 23, 2017.

"The Gulf World and Other Frameworks," The American Historian, 16 (May 2018), 16-23.

“Latin America and the Question of Cuban Independence,” The Americas, 68:2, October 2011: 209-239.

Book Chapters
“Divergent Reflections on Nationalism and Colonialism: An Homage to Christopher Schmidt-Nowara” edited collection, ed. Scott Eastman [under review with Berghahn (SLASH series)].

Book Reviews
Review of Sugar, Cigars and Revolution: The Making of Cuban New York, by Lisandro Pérez, The American Historical Review, Volume 125, Issue 2, April 2020, Page 662.

Review of The Ignored Contender: A select Annotated Bibliography of the Cuban Autonomist Party (1878-1898) by Rafael Tarragó, Hispanic American Historical Review, 100, no. 1, (February 2020) pp. 166-67.

Review of Undercurrents of Power: Aquatic Culture in the African Diaspora by Kevin Dawson, Reviewed for the H-Diplo Listserv. (January 2019). 

Review of Diaspora and Trust: Cuba, Mexico and the Rise of China by Adrian H Hearn, New West Indian Guide, 92 (2018), 136-137.

Review of To Die in Cuba: Suicide and Society by Louis Pérez Jr., Social History, Volume 31, Number 3, August 2006: 376-377.


Freemen and Foreigners: African Political Imaginaries in Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Cuba.

Stateless in an Age of Empire: Cuban Refugees across the Americas, 1898-1910.

Book Chapters:
“U.S. Annexationism, International Exiles, and Imperial Conflict in the Nineteenth Century,” in the Cambridge History of the Caribbean, Vol II (contracted and due January 2021).

Book Reviews:
Review of The Second American Revolution: The Civil War-Era Struggle over Cuba and the Rebirth of the American Republic by Gregory P. Downs, The Americas, (Due May 30, 2020).

Review of Racial Migrations: New York City and the Revolutionary Politics of the Spanish Caribbean, by Jesse Hoffnung-Garskoff, EIAL, Estudios Interdisciplinarios de América Latina, Tel Aviv University (due September 2020).

Select Grant Support/Distinctions

SUNY Hispanic Leadership Institute Fellow, 2020

Funding to organize and execute Third Space Collective conference on inclusive pedagogy at UB, Office of Inclusive Excellence, UB 2021. $10,000. (retracted due to financial crisis)

Princeton University Magic Grant for Innovation, on behalf of the Third Space Collective of educators and activists, 2018. $25,000.

OVPRED/ HI UB Seed Money Grant for faculty research, 2017.

History Faculty Research Fund, UB Spring 2017, Fall 2017 and 2018

Dr. Nuala McGann Drescher Leave Program Fellowship, UB, Spring 2014.

Visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley, Spring 2012.

Humanities Institute Research Fellowship, UB, Fall 2012.

Faculty Diversity Program Fellowship, SUNY, 2009-2012.

Henry Morse Stephens Memorial Traveling Fellowship, UC Berkeley, 2003-2005.

Eugene Cota Robles Fellowship for graduate study, UC Berkeley.

Invited Talks

Creative Mornings, Buffalo, August 2020
Title: Borderland Soul: The Power and the Price of Living on the Line.

York University Latin American Research Group, Toronto, October 2019
Title: Race and the Politics of Place in Early Twentieth-Century Cuba.

Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural site, Buffalo, September 2019
Talk: Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick?: U.S.-Latin American relations, Roosevelt’s Legacy and our Present. In collaboration with the Buffalo Hispanic Heritage Council Hispanic Heritage Month “Hablamos Juntos” talk series.

Community for Global Health Equity Symposium, Buffalo New York, September 2019
Title: “Free your Mind:” Educating the "Architects" of a Sustainable World.

Annenburg Seminar, University of Pennsylvania, September 2019
Title: Free men and Foreigners: Representation, Afro-Diasporic Thought and Cuban Politics ca. 1900.

Sorbonne Nouvelle, Exilios Latinoamericanos en el siglo xix, June 2019 (Paris, France)
Keynote Address: Rethinking Exile in the late Nineteenth-Century Hispanic World.

Scholars at Hallwalls, Humanities Institute, University at Buffalo, January 2013
Title: Whose American Dream?: Inter-American Solidarity in the Nineteenth Century.

Synnestvedt Memorial Lecturer, SUNY Brockport, October 2011
Title: Exile and Errantry: Cuban Insurgents in the Late Nineteenth-Century Caribbean.

Latin American Studies Seminar Series, Cornell University, October 2011
Title: Conflicting Continentalisms: The Cuban Question in Late Nineteenth-Century Mexico.

New Faculty Seminar Series, Humanities Institute, University at Buffalo, February 2010
Title: From Exile to Odyssey: The Incredible Journey of Ignacio Martín Arbona y Domínguez.

Atlantic Studies Workshop, Cultures and Texts, University at Buffalo, November 2009
Title: Latin America and the Question of Cuban Independence.

Instituto de Historia, February, 2005 (Havana, Cuba)
Title: Historias Enterlazadas: El movimiento de inmigrantes e ideas entre México y Cuba de finales del siglo
XIX a principios del XX.

Select Conference Presentations

Diversity Summit, UB, April 2020 (CANCELED)
Title: Attempting the Impossible: A new Approach to Educating for Global Change (co-presented with UB Undergraduate Presidential Scholars)

Sovereignty, Law and Emancipation in the South Atlantic. (workshop), February 2020 (Atlanta)
Title: African Political History in the Americas, ca. 1900.

American Historical Association, January 2020 (New York, NY)
Title: Making the Gulf World: Nineteenth-Century Migrations in and in between Cuba, Mexico and the United States.

Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diaspora, November 2019 (Williamsburg, Virginia)
Title: Should I Stay or Should I go?: Freedom Seeking in the African Diaspora Beyond the Binary.

The International Institute for Social History, Summit on Global Labor Migration, June 2019 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Title: Stateless in an Age of Empire: Migrants and Refugees from Cuba in the Americas During a time of transition, 1898-1902.

Consejo Superior de Investigaciónes Científicas, June 2019 (Madrid, Spain)
Presentation of published book: “Cuban Émigrés and Independence in the Nineteenth-Century Gulf World.”

Latin American Studies Association, May 2019 (Boston, MA)
Title: Maroon Communities of Immigrants: Africans in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century Cuba.

Canadian Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, May 2019 (Toronto)
Panel Chair: Culture and Politics in Twentieth Century Latin America.

Beyond Borders: Refuge, Asylum and Solidarity Workshop, May 2019 (Toronto, ON)
Keynote Roundtable participant: Solidarity and the Stateless.

Ties that Divide Us: Community Engagement, Activism, Educational Justice, and the University, May 2019 (Princeton, NJ)
Conference co-organizer.

African American Intellectual History Society, March 2019 (Ann Arbor, MI)
Title: Neither Spanish, Nor Cuban: African Struggles for Self-Determination in Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Cuba.

The American Historical Association, January 2019 (Chicago, IL)
Title: Challenging the Nation: African Political Identity in 20th-Century Cuba.

Casa de las Americas, Ciclo de Pensamiento Caribeño, “Los Estados Unidos y el Caribe a partir de 1898: avatares de una vecindad durante la primera mitad del siglo XX”, September 2018 (Havana)
Title: “Vagos”: Emigrados cubanos en la era del imperio y la formación de la nación.

American Historical Association, January 2018 (Washington, DC)
Title: “On Not Becoming Cuban:” “African” immigrants in Early Twentieth-Century Cuba.

New York African Studies Association, March 2017 (Buffalo, NY)
Title: Pan-Africanism and African Political Identity in Early Twentieth-Century Cuba.

African American Intellectual History Society, March 2017 (Nashville, TN)
Title: African Political Identities in late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century Cuba.

American Historical Association, January 2017 (New York, NY)
Title: “The Estuary of the Americas:” Re-envisioning the Nineteenth-Century Gulf World


Graduate courses:
HIS 560: Latin American and Caribbean History (core CLAS MA program seminar)
HIS 500: North and South Atlantic Core Seminar.
HIS 556: Latin America and the United States.
HIS 550: Cuba.

Graduate/Undergraduate Courses:
HIS 400/500: From African Past to Afro Future: Invocations of Africa Across Space and Time in the Diaspora.
HIS 400/500: Should I Stay or Should I Go?: “Home” and the Politics of Place in the African Diaspora.

Undergraduate Courses:
HON 101: Impossible Project
UGC 112: World Civilization 1500 to the Present.
HIS 142: Civilizations and Beliefs.
HIS 219: Latin America and the United States in History, Literature and Film.
HIS 322: Latin America Culture and History, 1400 to the present.
HIS 403: Latin America and the United States.
HIS 426: Cuba Then and Now.
HIS 437: Beyond Paradise: The Making of the Modern Caribbean.

Key Administrative Responsibilities

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education
Director, University Honors College, University at Buffalo (2017-20120)

Led Honors College high-level strategic planning.
Led Honors College advancement initiatives.
Led Honors College diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.
Led enhancement of Honors College curriculum and programs.
Oversaw Honors College strategic budget planning/management.
Oversaw marketing and communications strategies in and beyond the university.
Supervised Honors College Administrative Director and 5 FTEs.
Taught Honors College Presidential Scholar Seminar.
Chaired Honors Council (Honors College governing body).
Mentors Honors/Acker Student of Color Council (Faculty Mentor).

Associate Director, Caribbean Studies Master’s Degree Program, University at Buffalo (2009-2015)
Directed Recruitment/Retention efforts.
Co-directed curriculum development process.
Developed diversity initiatives.
Taught core graduate seminar.
Mentored MA students (theses).
Co-chaired admissions committee.
Co-chaired CLAS Campus-wide advisory board.

Key Administrative Initiatives and Accomplishments

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education, Director, University Honors College, University at Buffalo (2017-2019)

Directed comprehensive self-study and external review process.
Developed new vision/mission for the University Honors College.
Developed comprehensive assessment plan for the Honors College.
Initiated development of Honors diversity/inclusion strategic plan.
Initiated development of advancement strategy.

Developed new Honors four-year curriculum proposal. The proposal is being prepared for review at the campus level.

Developed and currently teaching Presidential Scholars cross-disciplinary, big problems-focused, projectcentered educational experience (“Impossible Project”). This class serves as a model for the new Honors curriculum proposal.

Updated Honors Colloquium (cornerstone of Honors curriculum serving 340 freshman annually) as part of the re-building of a new four-year curriculum with diversity, equity and inclusion as a central concern.

Expanded Honors Faculty Fellows Program ensuring more contact between students and research faculty from all corners of the university.

Initiated development of signature Honors study abroad experiences in Costa Rica. Initiated development of a course-embedded study abroad trip to Cuba for Engineers and Historians.

Diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI):
Developed and implemented admissions and retentions DEI strategies. The college has seen a 1-2% annual increase in URM students enrolled in Honors College last 3 years and a 30% increase in URM students awarded Honors Presidential scholarship (most prestigious undergraduate scholarship at the university) between 2017 (0%) and 2019 (30%).

Advocated successfully for university-level Unit Diversity Office position for Honors College and serving as Honors Unit Diversity Officer. This ensures that the Honors College is at the table and can share best practices and be held accountable for best practices in DEI. Rather than a duplication, this move helps to reinforce and support the university’s commitment to DEI.

Inaugurated ongoing diversity training for professional Honors professional advisors. Currently assessing impact of ongoing trainings on student retention and persistence.

Co-created Honors/Acker Student of Color Council (HASOCC) supporting high-achieving students of color and currently serving as the group faculty mentor. The HASOCC has tripled in membership 2017-2019 with important implications for retention in Honors.

Inaugurated Honors International Café program where students have an immersive experience of virtual global travel through sights, sounds, smells and tastes once a month in the Honors lounge. Experiences are guided by faculty and students. Café has been running for three years and has tripled in attendance between 2017 and 2019. Seventy scholars participate in our interactive Café programming monthly at present.

Initiated the re-building of a new four-year curriculum with diversity, equity and inclusion as a central concern.

Created plan for alumni engagement. Developed an engagement continuum for Honors alumni that reframes the “dual degree problem” as a “dual degree opportunity” in terms of university advancement strategy and determined engagement opportunities for specific alumni groups at different stages.

Completed advancement trainings, workshops and consultations. I have used these formative experiences to develop an Honors comprehensive advancement strategy in cooperation with University advancement personnel.


Employed creative and hands-on management strategies (one-on-one meetings, big idea conversations, team building/strengths quest) to help staff work through institution-wide change and envision new roles in the college.

Worked closely with faculty across the university using my position as member of the faculty to communicate effectively with colleagues, create new partnerships/synergies, foment a culture of pedagogical innovation and build faculty engagement with, and excitement about Honors generally.

Associate Director, Caribbean Studies Master’s Degree Program
University at Buffalo (2009-2015)

Increased graduate enrollment in the program, 2011-2015.
Ensured success of diversity initiatives by applying for diversity merit scholarships for admits every year.
CLAS MA students won Arturo Schomburg fellowships every year between 2009 and 2015.
Updated and enhanced M.A. core course curriculum, 2009-2015.
Expanded global reach of M.A. study abroad curriculum adding a new destination and location for the program in Madrid, Spain.
Co-Led MA study tour to Havana, 2014.
Maintained and continues to maintain alumni connections and engagement with 75% of the graduates of the program since 2009.

University Service

Center for Latin American Studies committee, organizing member, 2019-present.
Unit Diversity Officer, Honors College, 2019-2020.
Inclusive Excellence Task Force, member, 2017-present.
Women of Color Leadership Circle, organizer (inauguration Fall 2020).
Faculty mentor for the Honors/Acker Student of Color Council, 2017-present.
Diversity, recruitment and Retention committee, History Department, member, 2019- present.
Speaker and Faculty liaison, UB Live recruitment of URM students, Enrollment management (2018-2019).

University/Community Engagement

Community Conversations for Leaders of Color, participant, Oishei Foundation, 2019-.
Third Space Collaborative of Academics and Activists, Founding Member. 2010-present.
Co-coordinated a project to create a youth development model for the Grant Street Neighborhood Center on Buffalo’s westside, 2011-2014, UB’s Civic Engagement and Public Policy Strategic.

Interdisciplinary Activities

Founding member and co-coordinator of the Trans-Americas Research Working Group, 2010-2014 (Humanities Institute, UB).

Professional Affiliations

American Historical Association.
Conference on Latin American History.
Latin American Studies Association.
Caribbean Studies Association.
Southern Historical Association.
African American Intellectual History Society.
New York African Studies Association.
Red de Estudios Comparados del Caribe y Mundo Atlántico (CSIC, Madrid).
Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diaspora.


Spanish (Native Fluency).
English (Native Fluency).
French (Reading).
Portuguese (Reading).