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As a department, we're committed to hosting scholars from other institutions, sharing our work with one another, and discussing history with the public. We hope you'll join us for one of our upcoming events both on and off campus. 

HIS 701 Pro-Seminar on History Teaching

HIS 701 Pro-Smeinar Flyer listing course description and meeting times.

Date: Mondays for the first six weeks of the semester
Time: 2:30PM - 4:00 PM
Facilitator: Emily Bowlus-Peck, ABD PhD Candidate
Contact: ebowlus@buffalo.edu

Classes will be virtual

This pro-seminar provides new teaching assistants with valuable skills and information imperative to teaching at the colleege level. There may be aspects of K-12 teaching and public history addressed in this course. Students will learn about professionalism, interactive assignments, and the skills required in an academic leadership position. Classes involve some readings and discussions along with guest speakers. This is a non-credit course required of firt-time Teaching Assistants (may be taken concurrently with first semester as a TA.) Other graduate students and faculty members are welcomed to attend on a session-by-session basis; for obtaining session readings, please contact the facilitator.

Schedule of Class Sessions

August 31st Introduction: Teaching and Leadership
Speaker: History PhD Candidate Emily Bowlus-Peck

September 7th Following and Creating a Syllabus
Speaker: Dr. Cari Casteel

September 14th Teaching Historical Literacy
Speaker: Dr. Sasha Pack

September 21st Online Teaching and Navigation
Speaker: Dr. Sarah Handley-Cousins

September 28th Interactive Assignments and Student Engagement
Speaker: History PhD Candidate Justin Masucci

October 5th Navigating Sensitive Topics in the Classroom
Speaker: PhD Candidate Taylor Coleman (African-Latinx Studies)
             PhD Candidate James Ponzo (African-Latinx Studies)

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