Beyond the Classroom

UB student in Asia.

Study Abroad

For Linguistics students, spending time interacting with other cultures, languages and linguistic styles is an essential component of the educational experience. The Department of Linguistics encourages students to seek out study abroad opportunities that suit their unique interests and goals, and offers the Wolfgang Wölck Student Travel Fund to assist with financial need. 

Students pursuing degrees in Chinese, German, Japanese or Korean should speak with faculty about specific study abroad experiences designed for those language tracks. 

Buffalo public school student.

Buffalo Public Schools Teaching Internship

Through this service-learning course, Linguistiscs students build language teaching experience either in the Buffalo public schools or at a public service agency, such as the International Institute of Buffalo, Herman Badillo Institute or Literacy Volunteers.

Experiential Learning

We believe learning by doing is the key to our students' success both during and after their time at UB. The College of Arts and Sciences encourages students to take advantage of the life-changing opportunities happening around them every day.

Through unique, hands-on experiences, you'll grow into an active global citizen focused on problem-solving, creative innovation and collaborative civic engagement. You'll also develop the self-confidence and critical thinking skills required to navigate an ever-evolving job market.