BA: Language and Cognition Concentration


Language and Cognition prepares students for careers and advanced training in Linguistics, Cognitive Science, language education, child development, and adult language disorders. It is designed for students interested in exploring the interface between language and other human cognitive processes.

Courses in Language and Cognition focus on the acquisition of language production and comprehension, the construction and conveyance of meaning, and the representation of language in the brain. Students may take this track as either an honors or non-honors program.

Acceptance Criteria

Minimum 2.0 overall GPA; minimum 2.5 GPA in LIN 205 and 207

Degree Requirements

  • Core Linguistics courses (12 credits): LIN 205LIN 207LIN 301LIN 302
  • Required courses for concentration (12 credits)
    1. Two of the following language development courses: LIN 320LIN 342LIN 355LIN 417LIN 455
    2. Two of the following courses on meaning: LIN 356LIN 413LIN 438
  • Electives within the concentration (12 credits)
    1. Three additional Linguistics courses, at least two of which must be 300-/400- level, including linguistics courses offered by the Chinese, German, Japanese, or Korean programs
    2. One course from another department with approved language and cognition content; allowable courses include (but are not limited to): CDS 301 Language Development, LAI 205 Intro to Child Development, PHI 215 Symbolic Logic, PSY 336 Development Psychology, PSY 341 Cognitive Psychology, PSY 343 Sensory Processes and Perception, SPA 382 Intro Sec Lang Acq Theory