Azalia Muchransyah, PhD Media Study ‘21

Azalia Muchransyah.

Azalia Muchransyah

Filmmaker, Writer, Scholar
Her dissertation investigates alternative modes in documentary media production and distribution to highlight the paradoxes of HIV advocacy in Indonesia from the perspective of media ecology. A two-time Fulbright scholarship recipient, Dr. Muchransyah received funding and support from The Gender Institute's Isabel S. Marcus International Research Fellowship and the Mark Diamond Research Fund from The Graduate Student Association at the University at Buffalo to complete her doctorate. Her research has already begun to garner awards, including the UB Three Minute Dissertation Award.

In the past, she published a paper on the framing of Bali Bombing in the media and co-authored two other published papers on HIV care in Indonesian prison settings. Dr. Muchransyah uses her filmmaking practice as her scholarly explorative mode and has showcased her films internationally in academic conferences, film festivals, and alternative screening venues. Her scholarly research and media practice continue to challenge dominant, repressive, and Eurocentric media discourses and to raise awareness and encourage media activism about HIV in Indonesia and globally.