Jonathan Joy, MFA Media Study '17

Jonathan Joy.

Tell us what you are doing professionally.

I took a tenure-track appointment at Kutztown University as an assistant professor. 

How was Media Study helpful in your career?

The Media Study department, student body, peers and faculty constantly challenged me. I wouldn't be in my current professional position or artistic ventures without the support from Media Study.

Are there any moments or teachers you remember most from your time at Media Study?

The most influential faculty members who provided care, concern, and support for my media ventures include Sama Waham, Tanya Shilina-Conte and Carl Lee. Their devotion, time and tireless effort during my tenure at UB was monumental. Their feedback and conversations about media, obsession over work and life are not forgotten. I want to extend them a sincere thank you.

Anything else you would like to add?

I'd like to add for those reading - DO NOT sacrifice or compromise your artistic practice or ventures. Early in my tenure at UB, I was timid in defining my voice. I learned quickly that what I had to say, produce and perform was worth my time and the time of others.