Han Wen - Research Highlight July 2017

Fourth-year PhD Student  - Wenjun Zheng Group

Notable recent achievements:

  • Probing the structural dynamics of the NMDA receptor activation by Coarse-Grained modeling. Biophysical Journal , 112 , 2589 - 2601 (2017)
  • A survey of coarse-grained methods for modeling protein conformational transitions. Current Opinion in Structural Biology 42, 24-30 (2017). (pubmed) (pdf)
  • Toward elucidating the heat activation mechanism of the TRPV1 channel gating by molecular dynamics simulation. Proteins 84, 1938-49 (2016). (pubmed)
Han Wen.

Research Highlight:

My research focuses on using molecular dynamics simulation to illustrate protein activities in atomic detail. Currently, I am working on ion-channel proteins, especially decrypting their close-to-open conformational changes by multi-scale simulation.

I have a broad interest in science, ranging from physics to biology to computer science. Beyond research, I enjoy life in UB very much for its cultural diversity and friendly environment. Off-campus, I have a zest for cutting-edge technology, VR, 3D printing, high-performance computing and AI development. I also enjoy camping and hiking, playing soccer and basketball, and swimming. 

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