When the "big one" hits downtown San Francisco, the historic beaux arts U.S. Court of Appeals Building at Seventh and Mission streets could be one of the safest places to ride it out.
The University at Buffalo School of Nursing has received two grants totaling more than $1.5 million to recruit and educate nurse anesthetists who will practice in rural and other medically underserved areas locally and nationally.
The University at Buffalo athletics program has been placed on probation for one year by the National Collegiate Athletic Association for violations of NCAA regulations in the men's basketball program.
The University at Buffalo has received a five-year, $7.5 million grant from the National Institute on Disabilities and Rehabilitation Research to establish the first national center for advancing new devices for persons with disabilities from the inventor's workshop to the manufacturer's assembly line.
Residents of some remote villages in India may soon be trading in their thatched huts for geodesic domes.
Researchers from the University at Buffalo and Roswell Park Cancer Institute have identified a frequently used chemotherapy agent, doxorubicin, as a major risk factor for causing secondary cancers in children and adolescents who survive their initial disease.
Mary Finnick, gnsh, clinical assistant professor of nursing at the University at Buffalo, has been awarded a $398,407 training grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to establish a comprehensive continuing education program for rural Western New York nurses.
A team of University at Buffalo researchers seeking to determine if the shape of a woman's body may signal her chances of developing endometriosis found that young women with the stereotypically feminine form of small waist and larger hips were six times more likely to develop the condition than those whose waist and hip measurements are nearly the same.
The "peace dividend" has provided a unique opportunity for MBA students at the University at Buffalo to gain valuable experience and to help improve the Western New York economy by working with local defense contractors to try to bring the companies' technologies into the broader marketplace.
Nearly every molecule can exist in several states: its ground, or stable, state and its excited states. Chemists have long known that the excited states of molecules may hold some of the secrets of chemical reactions because molecules often pass through these states just before reacting. But attempts to measure excited molecules have not been successful.
Lawrence P. Castellani, president and chief executive officer of Tops Markets, Inc., has been named chair of the Board of Trustees of the University at Buffalo Foundation, Inc.