University at Buffalo researchers studying the inner ears of chinchillas have discovered that some ears can spontaneously broadcast intense sounds that are transmitted into the brain and mask external sounds of similar frequencies. These sounds, called spontaneous otoacoustic emissions, are loud enough to be heard by others standing nearby.
A study of a possible link between breast cancer and occupation, conducted by University at Buffalo epidemiologists, shows that premenopausal women who work in professional or executive positions appear to be at lower risk of developing the disease than women who do not.
University at Buffalo scientists and collaborators at other institutions working on substrates for nerve-tissue regeneration have developed new surface chemistry to create the first modified Teflon surface that controls how cells stick to it.
A powerful human protein that destroys pathogens by depriving them of the iron they need to grow has been cloned, expressed and purified by University at Buffalo biologists, who have filed for patent protection on the research.
Eighteen Indonesian school teachers -- all but two of whom left families and children behind in Indonesia to take part in the project -- arrived at the University at Buffalo earlier this month to begin two years of postgraduate study to become master teachers.
Molecular epidemiologists from Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo and the University at Buffalo have shown for the first time that colon cancers that develop along separate pathways respond differently to known dietary risk factors.
University at Buffalo researchers have demonstrated for the first time that diabetics experience increased damage to body proteins due to the oxidative action of free radicals.
Researchers from the University at Buffalo are the first to show that the sperm of diabetic men sustain significant DNA damage due to free-radical oxidation.
Corticosteroid drugs, administered to fight inflammation and suppress the immune response, may produce their results by slowing the generation of damaging free radicals, researchers at the University at Buffalo have reported.
Researchers at the University at Buffalo have shown that humans produce more free radicals as they grow older, and experience increased damage caused by these unstable molecules after the age of 70.
Pioneering research by University at Buffalo endocrinologists investigating estrogen function in humans has demonstrated for the first time that microvascular endothelial cells -- cells in the lining of the smallest blood vessels -- produce estrogen and express estrogen receptor.
Engineers at the University at Buffalo have developed a new material out of skinny, nickel filaments that provides better shielding against electromagnetic interference than any materials currently on the market.
Women over 35 who give birth for the first time are 50 percent more likely than younger mothers to deliver a pre-term or low-birth-weight baby, epidemiologists at the University at Buffalo have found.
A mathematical approach called complexity theory may be more effective than current methods used to test performance claims for computer hardware and software, according to computer scientists at the University at Buffalo.
The University at Buffalo has received $1.5 million from the federal Small Business Administration -- upon the initiative of Rep. John J. LaFalce -- to lead a demonstration project to assist area businesses in developing new products in cooperation with regional research universities.
High blood pressure continues to affect more blacks than whites, despite suggestions that the differential has equalized over time, a comparison of blood pressure readings from studies conducted 26 years apart has shown.
The University at Buffalo has established an exchange program with Chulalongkorn University, Thailand's oldest and most prestigious university.