BUFFALO. N.Y. -- Contrary to what sports fans might think, a football launched by an NFL quarterback does not fly like a missile or a bullet, according to a University at Buffalo professor who has used the science of ballistics to study a pigskin's flight.
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- By regulating the concentrations of hundreds, or even thousands, of substances in blood plasma and by releasing hormones to regulate blood pressure and other critical functions, the kidneys maintain an organism's chemical balance.
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- While some corrosion-control treatments may be beneficial, a University at Buffalo professor has proven in laboratory experiments that one rust-proofing treatment billed as protecting motor vehicles against the ravages of rust -- "Rust-Evader" -- just isn't worth its salt.
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Our tactile capabilities are central to almost all that we do. "Touch is the first sensory system that goes on-line when you're born, and it's probably the last one to go," says Jonathon Bell, Ph.D., mathematics professor at the University at Buffalo.