High Energy Physics and Cosmology News


From analyzing the avocado genome to designing a stingray-inspired space exploration vehicle, here are some highlights from a year of discovery.


In a theoretical study, physicists propose that perturbations in the orbit of stars near supermassive black holes could be used to detect wormholes.

UB's professor Dejan Stojkovic and collaborator Professor De-Chang Dai of Yangzhou University in China discuss the possibility of a transversable wormhole as a hidden passage in Scientific American. Could we spy a traversable wormhole in the Milky Way’s heart?

UB’s physics department is hosting a conference for Large Hadron Collider researchers this week.

Ciaran Williams, Assistant Professor of Physics, has been awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER award to continue his theoretical work for the CERN Large Hadron Collider. See the coverage in UBNow for more information.
Anne Fortman received an 2017 Goldwater Scholarship. Congratulations, Anne! 
Professors William H. Kinney and Dejan Stojkovic discuss the implications of the discovery of gravitational waves in a recent issue of New Scientist