Dr. Om Bahethi and Mrs. Saraswati Bahethi Fellows awarded

Thanks to a generous donation from Dr. Om Bahethi and Mrs. Saraswati Bahethi, the Department of Physics has given out three Om and Saraswati Bahethi Scholarship for PhD Students, two scholarship for Masters Students, and one Undergraduate Scholarship.

The winners for the 2017 PhD Scholarships are Rahul Munshi, Anshul Saini, and Chuan Zhao.  These students have made significant progress in their PhD research, have been lead authors on important papers in high impact journals, and have shown promise to become independent researchers. 
Rahul Munshi is a biophysics experimentalist working in Professor Arnd Pralle's lab. His research focuses on local magnetic-nanoparticle based thermal modulation of neural activity deep in the brain.
Anshul Saini is a theoretical cosmologist working with Professor Dejan Stojkovic. His studies focus on gravitational collapse and Hawking radiation from black holes.
Chuan Zhao is a condensed matter experimentalist working in Professor Hao Zeng's lab. His research focuses on the growth and exploration of novel two-dimensional materials.
Another four students received Honorable Mention for the impressive progress they have made in their PhD studies: Rahul Kashyup, Tenzin Norden, Han Wen, and Peiyao Zhang.

The winners for the Masters Scholarship are Zhao Tang and Changliang Zhu. Both have > 3.8 GPA and are our best MS students this year.

The winner of the Undergraduate Scholarship is Ann Fortman. Ann spent research summers at FermiLab and CERN and presented her work at the BOOST international conference this year. She is a recipient of the New York State Scholarship for Academic Excellence, an Honors Scholar at UB, on the Dean’s list for six semesters, and has a GPA of 4.0. Ann is also a recipient of the Goldwater Scholarship for 2017-2018, and currently applying for graduate schools in physics.

The PhD Scholarship is at $8000 for each award, while the MS Scholarship is at $6000 for each award, the undergraduate scholarship is $4000.