Graduate Awards

Paul D. Senese Graduate Student Award

In 2018, in memory of Paul, the Senese family endowed the department of Political Science with an ongoing award to recognize the best performing students in our Ph.D. program who also exhibit a dedication to teaching as well as scholarship. Preference is given to recognizing students who also share Paul Senese’s research interests in international relations.

This year's deserving recipient is Christopher Newton.

Past winners:

2018  Sara Norrevik

2019 Chhandosi Roy

See this year's award ceremony(held 3/11/21 via Zoom):


Claude E. Welch Best Graduate Paper Award

The Claude E. Welch Best Graduate Paper Award was established in 2005 to annually recognize and reward graduate students who submitted the best paper based on original research or who made a significant contribution to understanding political phenomena.

The 2019-2020 award was given to Andrew Brown.

Previous winners:

2004-2005            Elizabeth French

2005-2006            Rafael Davtian

2006-2007            Brian Nottingham

2007-2008            Nick Seabrook

2008-2009            Annika Hagley

2009-2010            Bryan Dettrey

2010-2011            Daniel Kotlewski

2011-2012            Nick Nicoletti

2012-2013            Jackie Sievert

2013-2014            Kelly McCaskey

2014-2015            Muhammed Erenler/Yohan Park

2015-2016            Sara Norrevik

2016-2017            Sara Norrevik

2017-2018            Colin Tucker

2018-2019            Derrick Ong