Anneke Buffone

Anneke Buffone.

PhD in Social-Personality Psychology, UB

Lead Research Scientist and Post-Doctoral Scholar, Higher Education

“The highlights of my experience in the Department of Psychology at UB were the amazing lifetime friends I made, and feeling supported and valued as a research team member and independent researcher. I loved having a chance to collaborate with researchers outside of my field and having the opportunity to represent the department at national conferences and in the press. I really enjoyed my outside area classes in clinical psychology, cognitive psychology and neuroscience as these classes shaped my thinking, opened my eyes to different applications of my work, and strengthened my ability to adapt to other fields’ discourse. Additionally, I believe that managing a large laboratory and being involved in grant writing prepared me well for the challenges posed in my role as Lead Research Scientist/Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania." – Anneke Buffone