Stephanie Godleski

Paula Fite.

PhD in Clinical Psychology, UB

Assistant Professor, Higher Education

"I grew a lot personally and professionally due to my experiences as a graduate student at UB. It was challenging, but the support and scaffolding needed to meet the expectations and goals of the program are provided. In particular, the mentorship that I received from Dr. Jamie Ostrov was the highlight of my experience. Through his own scholarship and teaching, he provided an example of excellence that is inspiring and he coached, challenged, and supported me through the program and beyond.

I was able to work with many other professors in the clinical area and they provided me with opportunities to engage in additional clinical and research experiences, such as working in Dr. Tiffany’s lab for a summer and as the Assistant Director of the Psychological Services Center, that helped to shape my program of research and career path. The diversity of opportunities and experiences I received at UB helped to prepare me well for being a faculty member myself in my current position as an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at the Rochester Institute of Technology." – Stephanie Godleski