Lindsey Streamer

Rochelle Newman.

PhD in Social-Personality Psychology, UB

Lab Director, Media Research Lab

“I started in the Social Psychology PhD program in 2009, working with Dr. Lora Park. During my first few years in the program, I was able to establish a solid foundation in social psychology, research methods and statistics, both through classes and working one-on-one with my mentor and more senior students in the program. I also started developing my own line of research studying the self and its links to social motivation and well-being.

I am the lab director of a media research lab in Chicago, IL. In this position, I examine the effects of media exposure on people’s non-verbal responses such as their physiological activity, eye movement, facial responses and implicit attitudes. The decisions I make every day about the design and interpretation of research are informed by the knowledge I gained at UB.” – Lindsey Streamer