Jordan D. Troisi

Jordan Troisi.

PhD in Social-Personality Psychology, UB

Associate Professor, Higher Education

“As a psychology professor at a liberal arts college and director of numerous teaching initiatives, I have the best job in the world. Sometimes I'm mentoring undergraduates on their research projects, or maybe just chatting with them about life over a cup of tea. Sometimes I'm developing presentations on evidence-based practices in teaching. Sometimes I'm organizing meetings with executives at my university or national organizations. In the Department of Psychology at UB, I had the experiences that leave me feeling confident when I show up to work every day. I learned to be precise and persuasive when I write and give presentations. I got the chance to teach courses that would make me a desirable job candidate. I learned to be patient when developing studies, and to never send anything off before it's my best work. And I learned how to work with and lead others as a collaborative effort. These things make my day-to-day life a pleasure." – Jordan D. Troisi