O. Fiona Pratt-MacDonald.

O. Fiona Pratt-MacDonald

Minor in Psychology, BA in Sociology, UB;
Student Success Coach, Americorps

As an undergraduate Psychology minor at UB, I was able to create meaningful connections with my professors, who acted as pillars of support during my time in university. As a minor, I received the same high-quality education and experiential opportunities as Psychology majors, applying what I learned in class to my own development and the development of others (e.g., by joining a psych lab and working as an Introductory Psychology teaching assistant). The Psychology professors who taught and mentored me had great interest in my learning, and in my future once I graduated, and I am thankful that I get to stay in touch with them!

Currently, I am doing a year of service with City Year, a non-profit, education equity-focused organization funded by AmeriCorps. As a Student Success Coach, I work alongside my partner teacher to promote social-emotional and academic growth within the classroom, working with the Whole School Whole Child (WSWC) support model. Often in the classroom, I am utilizing background knowledge from my Developmental Psychology and Social Psychology courses to function well in this role, knowing how and when I can support my students and helping students develop appropriate coping strategies and practice introspection. Another important thing I learned as a Psychology minor was understanding the limits of one’s knowledge. The most important thing is to make sure my students are functioning in an equitable environment, meaning their needs may be met by different people.

If you’re considering a major in Psychology at UB, do it. If you’re considering a minor in Psychology at UB, do it! By getting a degree in Psychology, you broaden the way you understand the world and others, as well as your other academic interests. Psychology is practical and applicable as much as it is theoretical. You gain a lot of skills when pursuing this degree that can be utilized in all sorts of professional workplaces. Getting a degree in Psychology at UB is definitely worth your time and money for the quality education you will receive, taught by the caring professors you’ll interact with.