Phuong Le

Olivia Schlager.

BA in Psychology and Social Science Interdisciplinary (International Studies), UB

Doctoral (PhD) Student, Social Psychology

"Thanks to the Psychology program at UB, I was able to learn from esteemed psychologists who are not only experts in the field but also active researchers. I saw how their passion for teaching and psychological research translated into insightful, exciting and meaningful courses. Outside of the classroom, I had a chance to work closely with a great advisor and conducted my own research project through the Psychology Honors Program. That taught me the necessary skills of working independently and collaboratively in a research-focused environment. Reflecting on my experience at UB makes me appreciate the amount of opportunities that were available to help me discover my passion and prepare me for post-graduation challenges. If you choose Psychology as your major, be sure connect with the many wonderful faculty and staff in the department because everyone is devoted to helping students grow professionally. In addition, take advantage of all the opportunities that the Psychology Department offers to gain a complete undergraduate experience, and don’t forget to have fun in the process!" – Phuong Le