Emma Greenspon.

Emma Greenspon

PhD in Cognitive Psychology, UB;
Assistant Professor, Higher Education

As a graduate student at UB, I was able to participate in different collaborative research opportunities with multiple faculty members within the department. In addition, I was able to build supportive friendships with other graduate students within my program and across different areas of the Psychology Department. I found the course work to be applicable to my area of study and helpful in my growth as a cognitive psychologist. 

I feel my Psychology degree from UB prepared me well for my current position as an Assistant Professor of Psychology. In particular, the opportunity to teach statistics was a critical experience that helped make me a competitive applicant during my job search for a cognitive faculty position.

I would recommend reaching out to current graduate students in the UB Psychology program because they will be a great resource for you throughout your graduate studies and can give you helpful insights into the program.