Lauren Rodriguez.

Lauren Rodriguez

PhD in Clinical Psychology, UB;
Advanced Postdoctoral Fellow

If you want a career as a clinical scientist, UB’s Department of Psychology is the perfect place to get your degree! The most important skill I took away from UB was learning to think critically like a scientist. This is a mindset that has helped me not only professionally, but personally. UB provides amazing research and clinical training by faculty who are always accessible and extremely passionate about what they do. I got hands-on experience working in a research lab designing and running experiments, conducting advanced statistical analyses, and writing up research papers. I also received training in high-quality, evidence-based psychotherapies for a wide range of psychological conditions. These experiences made me a highly sought after applicant for clinical internship and postdoctoral fellowship once I left UB. Thanks to my training at UB and the support of my mentors, I am on track to reach my goal of becoming a licensed Clinical Psychologist doing independent research and clinical work.