Sarah Tonkin.

Sarah Tonkin

PhD in Clinical Psychology, UB;
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

After interviewing at the University at Buffalo it was obvious that the atmosphere within the Psychology Department was friendly and collaborative. The excellent research and evidence-based clinical training I received helped me develop into a well-rounded researcher who is able to work with professionals across different disciplines. There were opportunities to develop and publish my own research ideas, which I had never done before grad school and the faculty was incredibly supportive in my growth.

The skills I developed in the clinical psychology PhD program has allowed me to continue my research to understand and treat addiction as a post-doctoral fellow. There are about a million different components of being a clinical scientist, from developing original research to data analysis to managing and mentoring study staff. UB provided a holistic approach to my training with hands on experience running studies in the lab, treating psychopathology in the clinic, and writing up my research in the office. You work closely with your mentor and the faculty to identify areas of growth and work towards your career goals. 

Your years in graduate school are going to be intense with ups and downs. It’s important to find a place where your mentors, colleagues, and fellow students are there to celebrate the high points and support you through the low points. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found that type of environment at UB. The connections I developed grew into strong professional relationships and friendships that are still maintained after graduation. When you’re searching for a program, you need to find the right research fit, but the personality fit is also critical in making or breaking the grad school experience.