Brandon Koscinski.

Brandon Koscinski

BA Psychology, UB; MA in Psychology, UB
PhD Student, Clinical Psychology

“My favorite part of being an undergraduate Psychology student at UB was being engaged in research. As a transfer student, I was initially worried that I would be ‘behind’ relative to my peers, but the faculty and graduate students at UB were so welcoming and really helped me build my comfort level as I got involved in research. 

After earning my BA in Psychology, I continued in UB’s Psychology MA program. Both of my UB Psychology degrees helped me with the way that I approach research. I am currently in a Clinical Psychology PhD program and feel like the attention to detail regarding research design and methodological rigor from UB research methods courses really gave me an advantage when it came to appraising research as a doctoral student. 

My biggest piece of advice when considering graduate study is that it is okay to be nervous when getting started! Graduate school seemed so daunting to me at first, but taking the first step to getting my MA at UB set me up for my future.”

–Brandon Koscinski