Carl Wiedemann.

Carl Wiedemann

BA in Psychology, Minors in Philosophy and Counseling, UB;
PhD student, Social and Health Psychology

I was not initially a Psychology major when I started at UB. However, I quickly became convinced it was where I belonged after taking a few Psychology courses. The subjects were endlessly fascinating and the professors were always deeply encouraging. Soon after, I became a research assistant and it was from that point on that I knew a research-related career in Psychology was the perfect fit for me.   

When I began my doctoral studies, I immediately realized just how well my UB Psychology degree prepared me for advanced study. By completing a thesis via the Psychology Honors Program, I felt as though I had already completed a full year of doctoral-level training. The Honors Program was certainly the most challenging of my undergraduate academic experiences, but it was also undoubtedly the most rewarding. To this day, I sometimes look back on notes and materials from the Honors Seminar to guide my academic writing. In addition, the experience of defending my thesis in front of UB faculty was exhilarating. It has given me the ability to confidently present my current research at both large-scale international conferences and colloquia within my current department.

By working in two separate Psychology labs as a research assistant, I learned how to work effectively with a team of like-minded peers. Majoring in Psychology at UB will embed you within a broad community of highly motivated peers, effective professors with a passion for education, and researchers who are at the cutting edge of their respective areas of study. You will be surrounded by a wealth of resources and be presented with many diverse paths, any of which can be instrumental in setting yourself up for an exciting and fulfilling career. The Psychology major becomes what you make of it. Getting to know your professors can help open doors to highly impactful mentorship opportunities. So, try to go the extra step and get involved beyond the classroom. Joining a research lab as a research assistant is a great way to start.