Cassondra Lyman.

Cassondra Lyman

BS in Psychology, BA in Statistics, UB;
PhD Student, Clinical Psychology

I attribute both my entry to the field of psychology and palpable success as an early-career researcher to the remarkable mentorship I received at UB. The Psychology undergraduate program is second-to-none. I was incredibly well-supported by faculty and staff alike as I sought to shape myself into a passionate and competent researcher who would stand out when applying to Clinical Psychology PhD programs, as well as nationally competitive fellowships and scholarships. By carefully selecting my courses, working in research labs on- and off-campus, and participating in research programs available to UB students, I developed statistical acumen and a thorough understanding of psychological principles. More importantly though, I formed long-lasting, meaningful relationships with students and professors alike. My advice to students majoring in Psychology at UB is to take advantage of the phenomenal resources and opportunities available to you. Your degree is incredibly versatile—talk with the approachable professors within the department about what experiences at UB you might find enriching and rewarding.