Hector Sosa.

Hector Sosa

BA in Psychology, UB;
PhD student, Social Psychology

As a Psychology undergraduate at UB, I took interesting courses, had great mentors (both graduate students and professors), and I also had great research experiences. 

The Psychology Department effectively prepared me to pursue my PhD in Social Psychology. As an undergraduate, I took statistics and a number of social psychology courses, which gave me the background necessary to succeed in my graduate courses. In addition, joining a social psychology research lab allowed me to apply and expand my understanding of research by participating in regular lab meetings and running participants for studies. By joining a lab, I was also able to complete a Psychology Honors thesis. My Honors thesis gave me first-hand experience conducting my own study, applying statistical analyses, and writing about my work. These are all skills that are fundamental to being a successful and independent researcher in graduate school. Beyond coursework and research, I worked closely with graduate students and professors who all gave me crucial advice and guidance to being accepted into and succeeding in my doctoral program. 

If you are considering majoring in Psychology at UB, go ahead and do it! A Psychology BA is a very flexible degree, with openings for many electives. I used these openings to take courses in different departments and to participate in the Psychology Honors Program.