Kyra Katz.

Kyra Katz

BS in Psychology, UB;
Dental (DDS) Student, UB

If you’re interested in studying psychology, UB’s Psychology Department is unmatched. I can’t think of another program that has the ample opportunities offered on UB’s campus at the price point of SUNY tuition. The faculty are knowledgeable and passionate about the fundamentals of their work, and additionally, are eager to pass their knowledge along to their students.

The coursework offered by UB’s Psychology Department is engaging and stimulating, and it extends well beyond the classroom. While at UB, I had the opportunity to gain research experience in a behavioral neuroscience lab right on campus. The experience forced me out of my comfort zone, allowing me to cultivate critical thinking skills and a greater appreciation for the sciences behind the concepts we are taught within the classroom. I also served as a teaching assistant for a scientific inquiry class. It was so fulfilling to help fellow undergraduate students progress throughout their studies.

These experiences nurtured my professional growth and ultimately prepared me for the rigor of graduate school. Currently, I am continuing my education at UB’s School of Dental Medicine. Even now in my dental program, I think about the mentors I had at UB and the values they instilled in me as a student and professional. They taught me so many necessary lessons for succeeding outside of the classroom, and really pushed me to meet my full potential. The community was the reason I ultimately decided to continue my education at UB.

Many of the skills the department aims to garner are transferrable, as psychology is inherently intertwined in so many other fields. Take advantage of the numerous opportunities offered by UB’s Psychology Department and find out how you can apply these experiences to your personal and career goals.