Mia Forney.

Mia Forney

BA in Psychology and Criminology, Minor in Addiction Studies, UB;
Law (JD) and Social Work (MSW) Student, UB

I was given fantastic opportunities as an undergraduate Psychology major. I engaged in research from my very first semester all the way through to my senior year, during which I participated in the Psychology Honors Program. This program allowed me to design, conduct, write, and present an independent Honors thesis on a topic of my choosing. These opportunities to get involved in research early allowed me to graduate with two publications! Additionally, I was able to form close connections with faculty and fellow students, as well as prepare for the rigor of my graduate studies.

Currently, I am a dual-degree student with UB’s School of Social Work and School of Law pursuing my MSW and JD degrees. The ability to pursue research on a topic of my choosing (public opinion and racial bias in criminal sentencing) during my undergraduate psychology career motivated me to pursue advocacy work and promote civil rights for incarcerated populations. 

I would encourage any students considering majoring in Psychology to think about where you might want to end up in your future career. A degree in Psychology is versatile and a great asset to have in a variety of fields and disciplines