Meet Our Alumni

  • Elizabeth Baase

    Elizabeth Baase.

    PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience, UB

    Assistant Professor, Higher Education

    “The hands-on research experience and the broader scientific perspective I gained as a graduate student in the Department of Psychology at the University at Buffalo helped to prepare me for my current position as an Assistant Professor in UB’s Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences. The training I received fostered my passion for science, encouraging me not only to succeed but to excel in my chosen field, and provided me with a strong foundation for my current research investigating the neural controls of food reward and other motivated behaviors.” – Elizabeth Baase

  • Ashley Byrd-White

    Ashley Byrd-White.

    BA in Psychology; Minor in Teacher Education, UB

    Masters (EdM) in Higher Education Administration, UB

    Career Coach, Higher Education

    “When I think back to my time as a psychology major at UB, I remember the dedicated faculty, diverse coursework, research opportunities, and the honor to serve as the President of Psi Chi, The International Honors Society in Psychology. My major in psychology laid the foundation for my graduate degree in Higher Education Administration and my current role as a Career Coach at the University of South Carolina. I refer to the theories, techniques, and research I learned in my psychology coursework when working with my clients. My advice to students considering a psychology major at UB is to realize that a major in psychology is versatile and can truly start you on any career path. Whether you’re considering graduate school, professional school, or a career, the UB psychology program provides theoretical and practical education that is applicable in psychology and beyond.” – Ashley Byrd-White