Meet Our Alumni

  • Rebecca Ashare

    Rebecca Ashare.

    PhD in Clinical Psychology, UB

    Associate Professor, Higher Education

    “After spending almost 10 years as faculty in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, I am excited be back ‘home’ and a faculty member in the Department of Psychology at UB. The training I received at UB, both in formal coursework and in applied experience, provided the foundation I needed to establish a successful research career. I had the opportunity to design and run experiments, collaborate among teams of researchers, assist with a clinical trial from the very beginning through the analysis phase, write grants and manuscripts, and mentor undergraduates. I am grateful for the chance to do the same for my students at UB and hope to provide the same opportunities and supportive environment I had as a graduate student to encourage them to develop their own independent clinical research careers." – Rebecca Ashare

  • Alejandro Corona Espinosa

    Alejandro Espinosa.

    BA in Psychology and Sociology, UB

    PhD Student, Clinical Psychology

    “There are three ‘events’ that I enjoyed in particular during the four years I spent as a psychology major at UB. First, all of my classes covered very interesting content and provided me with useful knowledge about the field and about conducting research. In addition, my professors were always happy to answer any question I had. My favorite classes were History of Psychology, Assessing Individual Differences, and Research Methods.

    Another ‘event’ that I really enjoyed was getting involved with research early on. Working as a research assistant in two different research labs allowed me to get much closer to the process of conducting psychological research and also helped me connect with great people from whom I learned a lot, including professors, graduate students, and fellow undergraduate research assistants. Lastly, participating in the Psychology Honors Program was an amazing experience. It provided me with very valuable information regarding graduate school applications and gave me the opportunity to write an Honors Thesis. I had a lot of fun and learned a great deal in the entire process of conducting my first independent research project with the help of my advisor.” – Alejandro Corona Espinosa