Ezra Goldberg-O'Neil

Ethan Guthman.

BS in Psychology, UB

Dental (DDS) Student, UB

“After my first year at UB as a biology major, I decided to make the switch to psychology. It was one of the best choices I’ve made—the classes felt personal, and I found the community to be friendly, accepting, and diverse. That made it easy for me—despite being shy—to become involved in teaching assistance and Psi Chi, The International Honors Society in Psychology. I was even able to get hands-on research experience after contacting a professor whose research I found fascinating! Currently, I’m a student in UB’s Dental School. The huge variety of psychology classes UB offered made it easy for me to keep up with pre-med classes, while still allowing time for courses in other areas. I recommend psychology to anyone considering it as a major. It can benefit you in any profession you choose to enter, whether it helps you create an educated-patient treatment philosophy or simply improves your ability to read, interpret, and critically evaluate scientific research.”  – Ezra Goldberg-O'Neil