Major Completion Timeline

Plan Your Path

The department designed the Major Completion Timeline to help Psychology majors stay on track with their degree and make the most of the opportunities, experiences and resources at the University at Buffalo.

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior After You Graduate

Courses to Take

  • PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
  • ENG 105 Writing and Rhetoric
  • PSY 300-level courses that fulfill major requirements
  • If on the BA track: ULC 148 Precalculus Intermediate Algebra and Trigonometry (or equivalent or higher)
  • If on the BS track: We recommend taking a few of the following requirements during freshman year and completing the remainder during subsequent years (see the UB Undergraduate Catalog for recommendations):
    • MTH 121-MTH 122  Survey of Calculus and Its Applications I-II or  MTH 141-MTH 142  College Calculus I-II
    • BIO 200  Evolutionary Biology
    • CHE 101/CHE 113 & CHE 102/CHE 114 General Chemistry or CHE 105 & CHE 106 Chemistry: Principles and Applications

Experience to Get

Preparation to Do

Be open to the many possibilities that a psychology major offers. Follow your curiosity, participate in departmental events, challenge your preconceptions and consider new options.