BS in Psychology

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The BS (Bachelor of Science) in Psychology emphasizes the scientific foundation of psychology along with a strong basic science background. The program is designed to prepare students for graduate study in behavioral or cognitive neuroscience, cognitive science, medicine, health professions and other related disciplines, as well as a wide range of careers. 

Degree Requirements

The BS in Psychology requires a total of 60 credit hours. Students must complete 17 courses, with most courses consisting of three (3) credits. 

Prerequisite Courses
Students must complete the following five courses with a minimum 2.5 GPA:

Required Courses
Students must complete an additional 12 courses:

  • Three required courses in Biological Sciences and Chemistry:
  • Four 300-level courses, one from each substantive area of Psychology:
    • Substantive Area 1: Clinical
    • Substantive Area 2: Social
      • PSY 331 Social Psychology
      • PSY 332 Social Conflict and Its Resolution
      • PSY 333 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
      • PSY 336 Developmental Psychology
    • Substantive Area 3: Cognitive
      • PSY 341 Cognitive Psychology
      • PSY 342 Introduction to Cognitive Science: Concepts of the Mind
      • PSY 343 Sensory Processes and Perception
      • PSY 347 Psychology of Learning
    • Substantive Area 4: Behavioral Neuroscience

*These smaller courses (no more than 42 students per class), focus on a specialized topic and typically involve a writing component. These courses must be taken at the University at Buffalo.

Residency Requirement
At least three upper-level classes (300- or 400-level) must be taken at the University at Buffalo.

The department has designed the Major Completion Timeline to help Psychology majors stay on track with their degree and make the most of the opportunities, experiences and resources at UB.

Student Testimonials

Which Psychology Degree Is for Me?

Our BA is the more versatile degree, allowing for customization based on student interests. Most Psychology Majors choose the BA. Our BS is specifically designed for students who seek a more extensive scientific background

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