Stephanie Smallets

Stephanie Smallets.

BA in Psychology, UB

Doctoral (PhD) Student, Organizational Behavior


“For me, the major highlights of being a psychology major at UB were my various research experiences, both as a research assistant and as a member of the Psychology Honors Program. The research experience I obtained at UB was, without a doubt, the reason I was accepted into multiple PhD programs straight out of undergrad. By being a research assistant in both clinical and social psychology labs, I learned the basics of experimental and correlational research, which provided an invaluable foundation for me as I began my graduate studies. The Psychology Honors Program helped hone my skills as an independent researcher by improving my critical thinking, scientific writing, and public speaking. I would advise students to explore the nuances of psychology as an area of study. Like many others, I was convinced I wanted to be a clinical psychologist when I first started at UB. However, after exploring classes and research opportunities, I realized that my interests lay in social psychological research using psychophysiological methods.” – Stephanie Smallets