Alexa Jimenez.

Alexa Jimenez

BS in Psychology, Minors in Sociology and Counseling, UB;
PhD Student, Clinical Psychology

During my time as an undergraduate Psychology major at the University at Buffalo, I had access to opportunities that both defined my career path and defined me as an individual. Over the course of my four years, I was exposed to cutting-edge research and was able to work with some of the top names in my field. The program provided me with all the tools and resources I needed to develop as a junior scientist, including aiding me to become a McNair Scholar and to be granted acceptances into two major summer research internships. Participating in the Psychology Honors Program fostered my confidence as a researcher and allowed me to discover the kind of scientist, and person, I am capable of becoming. With the support of the wonderful department advisor, invaluable professors, and excellent psychology labs, my Psychology degree from UB set me apart from others. My experiences helped me get interviews and acceptances at competitive doctoral programs—I was able to have my pick of graduate schools. I am now a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology, and I am pursing interests that stem from the seeds planted while I was at UB. If there is any advice I would give those considering majoring in psychology at UB, it would be to get involved and get involved early! Pursue your interests both in and outside of the classroom, join research labs, and get to know the amazing faculty. There are so many opportunities in the Psychology program at UB, all you must do is go out and find them.