Amber Wedderburn.

Amber Wedderburn

BA in Psychology, Minor in Counseling, UB;
Registered Behavioral Technician

My undergraduate experience as a Psychology major was extremely rewarding and at the core, fundamental to both my educational and professional growth. The courses were enriching, the professors were engaging, and the department as a whole provided endless opportunities to foster an atmosphere of inquisitiveness. It was honestly exciting to attend lectures, ask questions, sign up for labs, and network with peers and professors.

By studying Psychology at UB, I was able to work as a research assistant in lab studies, co-author a research article, and conduct an independent research project to present at the Western New York Psychology Conference. UB’s Psychology program equipped me with the research, analytical, and networking skills I needed to become a Senior Registered Behavior Technician and better support children with developmental and behavioral disabilities.

My best piece of advice to any upcoming students is to not be intimidated. Psychology is a broad field with connections to a multitude of disciplines! You will be surprised by how many psychological concepts relate to your everyday living and daily conversations. My favorite aspect of Psychology is its timelessness in learning opportunities—there are always questions to be asked and answers to be explored.