Anna Gentile.

Anna Gentile

BS in Psychology, UB;
PhD Student, Counseling Psychology

I loved being a Psychology major at UB! A highlight of my experience was the time I spent as an undergraduate research assistant. Working in a research lab sparked an interest in the research process in me, and gave me a lot of insight into what pursuing psychology in graduate school looks like. I did not have a set career path in mind when I started college, but working in a research lab helped me foster relationships with faculty and graduate students who provided me with guidance about career paths within the field of psychology and beyond.

Through my experience as a research assistant, I learned foundational research skills that are helpful to me now as a Counseling Psychology PhD student. Participating in the Psychology Honors Program sharpened my academic writing skills and gave me the chance to learn about the graduate school experience, from applications, to interviews, to life as a graduate student. Through the Honors Program, I was able to envision myself pursuing psychology in graduate school, which I did not really consider beforehand!  

The psychology major's flexible curriculum allowed me to tailor my coursework to match my interests and goals. The coursework also challenged me to grow in my writing and critical thinking skills, which have greatly contributed to my success in my current graduate program.  

My advice to someone thinking of majoring in psychology at UB would be to consider the fact that, at UB, your instructors are experts in the field. Access to information about subjects within psychology that you find interesting, or guidance about what to do with a psychology degree, is very accessible. In my experience, faculty are invested in students' success, and are happy to provide mentorship. I also would advise students considering majoring in psychology at UB to take advantage of the flexible nature of this degree. The course curriculum is easily tailored to meet individual interests and the career paths you can pursue with this degree are endless.