Dawit L. Petros: Spazio Disponibile is an exhibition that stems from years of research on Italian colonialism, a subject that requires careful historical considerations and ongoing reflections on current events. To contextualize the exhibition, the students of Italian 422: Modern Italian Literature, taught by Associate Professor Laura Chiesa in Fall 2020, have prepared four relevant research reports on subjects directly explored by Petros in the exhibition:

1. Africa Orientale Italiana (Italian East Africa);
2. Rivista Coloniale (Colonial Magazine);
3. Instituto Luce;
4. La Teleferica (Asmara-Massawa Cableway).

Additionally, Jillian Daniels, UB Art Galleries Student Curatorial Assistant, has contributed maps, a timeline, and a list of keywords to help frame these topics. The culmination of a semester-long student engagement, this guide helps deepen our appreciation of the artist’s work and inquiry, as well as offer entry points for a more profound understanding of the state of nationhood in Italy and East Africa today.

UB Art Galleries gratefully acknowledges the generous participation of Laura Chiesa, Associate Professor, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures; her students Maria Angela, Brianna Badalamenti, Leonardo Camerucci, Sabrina Gramuglia, and Adrian Halvorsen; and Jillian Daniels, Student Curatorial Assistant.