French Club April 2022, baguette fencing at Baird Point.

RLL's French Club wrapped up the school year of activities with a "French Olympics" event in April 2022. The group met near Baird Point to test their fencing skills with baguettes, and played some "brioche dodgeball."

Photographer: Douglas Levere

What are the Romance languages?

All Romance languages share a common historical origin in the Latin language, which spread across the Roman Empire, evolving into French, Italian, Spanish and several others.

In the UB Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, our faculty and instructors teach courses that span the fields of language study, literary and textual studies, culture and civilization, linguistics, film and media studies, intellectual history and visual culture. Undergraduate students can complete much of the UB Curriculum with our courses, while paving the way for a major or minor. Graduate students receive advanced training in research and methodology as well as substantive fields of expertise, with in-depth seminars and the production of original contributions to knowledge.

Fields of Study

  • French
    With over 220 million speakers worldwide, French is the sixth most common spoken language. It is an official language in 29 countries, ranging from Switzerland and Morocco to Vietnam and Canada.
  • Italian
    The fourth most studied in the world, Italian is one of the official languages of the European Union, as well as the language of great writers such as Dante and Machiavelli.
  • Spanish
    Spanish is not only the official language of Spain, but also Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean islands of Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and most of South America.

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