Faculty Research

The Department of Theatre and Dance provides a home for innovative research in theatre, dance, design, and technology that intersects with our active performance and production opportunities. Faculty are top scholars and practitioners who lead the way in national and international conversations on contemporary studies and trends in their field. Students at both the undergraduate and graduate are able to work alongside faculty on exciting research, as well as exploring their own areas of interest with departmental support. 


Book cover with dancers and performances on stage.
Book cover with dancers on stage.
Image of Shakespeare performers on stage.
Book cover with soccer players running.
Book cover with creepy bloody hand.

Creative Activities and Awards

Professors Chanon Judson dancing.
Professors Rosvally and Boffone side by side.
Professor Vincent O'Neill at a podium.
Headshot of Anne Burnidge.
Headshot of Meredith Conti.
Photo of Braun, and older white male with white beard, and bald. With glasses.
Headshot of Steven Henderson, an older black male.
Headshot of Ariel Nereson.
Professor Jon Shimon at a podium.
Headshot of Ariel Nereson.
Close photograph of student dancer Nina Tucker, a young black woman, with her eyes closed in the sun.
Chanon Judson on stage.
Professor Zech Saenz with THD students.
Headshot of Jeanne Fornarola.

Faculty and Student Collaborations

Female student of color in green, red, yellow, black snake makeup.
Performers on TV.
Dancer being hooked up to sensors.
Michael Deeb Weaver and Delia Mandik.
Jenna Zavrel dance pose.
Book cover with dancers and performances on stage.
Performers on TV.
Show directors.
Meredith Conti headshot.